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About Me

Hey y'all thanks for coming to my page. I'm really just a simple guy who enjoys making people smile, laugh, and see their true potential. I'm from the country also known as Texarkana, Arkansas (Twice as Nice). Only people from Texarkana will get that lol. You know growing up my parents knew that I had to do something in the arts field they just didn't know what. I was the biggest class clown you'd ever seen but the kicker was I always turned my work in and got A's & B's along with butt whoopings. Y'all don't know my momma she didn't play. This prompted my counselor to test me for the gifted and talented program which proved to be one of the best decisions ever. I've always had some kind of object in my hand acting as a microphone talking to either my classmates or imaginary audiences inside my house. Most of my family thought that I would grow up to be a pastor because of my passionate energy and inspirational messages. I've been playing the piano for at least ten years now and it's such a relaxing hobby. I find that in times of stress or just boredom playing the piano just eases everything. I learned how to play the saxophone in middle school as well before giving that up a couple of years later to play football in junior high school. It was when I got to high school that I learned how to speak in front of a camera as the school's news anchor for the daily announcements. I fell in love and haven't looked back since. Once I graduated high school after winning back to back state championships on the football team I continued to play football as a walk-on for the University of Arkansas. During my four years there I studied broadcast journalism because I thought sportscasting was what I really wanted to do. It was around this time I signed with my very first agent from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her name was Linda Layman with the Linda Layman Agency. I owe her credit for giving the confidence to actually pursue acting. Her words to me when I walked in the door was "you're going to be a star and before we begin I already know I want to sign you because your smile and personality is contagious!" So thank you Linda! I worked on a few projects during this time but it was still college so we all know partying is the way to go lol! I wasn't really focused on acting like that. Needless to say after graduating college in 2012 the acting bug bit me all over again and I was super curious about it so I began to really see what would happen if I actively pursued it. It was the best decision ever. My first acting job out of college netted me my sag card and from that point my career has gone to a new level each year. From being the face of a National Campaign to booking recurring roles on daytime and primetime shows I've been very blessed to do this thing called acting. It still blows my mind, and i'm sure other actors can speak on this, that we get paid good money to just be kids and play on set with different scripts bringing different characters to life. It's the best job and career ever.  

  My goal and purpose in life is to inspire everyone, especially those that might be on the verge of throwing in the towel, to stick with it and don't give up. You just never know how close you are. I say this from a true place so trust when I say that. Enjoy the process because dreams DO come true.





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